Eye of the Beholder: Art & Wisdom to Enhance Meditation


Eye of the Beholder is offered as a resource to complement your current meditation practice or to give you a place to begin. Colorful mandalas and gentle suggestions will help you close the outer doors of your busy world and open the inner doors to your soul, which is beautiful. So, open the cover of this book and let the journey begin!

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Eye of the Beholder is a treasure chest of mandalas each accompanied with short, crystalline nuggets of wisdom. The combination of the two art forms brings forth the potential for the reader to experience a deep calmness as he or she takes in the visual feast of images while contemplating the gentle, heart-felt suggestions and affirmations. Meant to enhance ones meditation practice or to be a catalyst to begin one, Eye of the Beholder is both unique and universal in it’s perspective of consciousness. The mandalas, complex, lotus-like circular designs with images radiating from the center, have flowed from the heart of artist Harimandir Khalsa, who calls them the fruit of her meditation. They are reproduced here from the originals which are paintings on canvas, created over a decade. Her work is inspired by ancient practices of creating mandalas and by her belief that doing from a place of being creates a channel for consciousness to come into the world. The idea for this book came from Donna Henderson who saw the book in a dream. Donna has practiced meditation for many years and the words of wisdom in this book were revealed to her during her own times of meditation. The Sanskrit word mandala means ‘whole world’ and has been used for eons as an asset to meditation. Focusing on both Harimandir’s intricate designs and Donna’s words of wisdom gives the reader pause from the busy details of everyday life to still one’s mind. From that place of centeredness we may see the world from the point of beautiful possibility.