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A letter from Love states that happiness is our natural condition and allows us to see the world as it is meant to be. Sadness and anger color our vision and cloud our real nature. When we love, we realize who we really are, which promotes genuine happiness.

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Let the Rain Fall Down

Qi Gong Song and Book for Children

Qi Gong, an ancient art from China, becomes available to young children through this original song by Donna Henderson. Basic moves are combined with catchy lyrics for easy learning. Children as young as three years old and even adults love this song.

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Eye of the Beholder

Art & Wisdom to Enhance Meditation

Eye of the Beholder is offered as a resource to complement your current meditation practice or to give you a place to begin. Colorful mandalas and gentle suggestions will help you close the outer doors of your busy world and open the inner doors to your soul.

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